Import CommVault cloud report templates in the webconsole

CommVault Simpana 10 ships with a very powerful webconsole. At this moment, the webconsole is an addendum on the CommVault Simpana Administration Console. It’s not a replacement!

The webconsole allows:

  • on-demand & historical reporting;
  • end-user data recovery for Microsoft Exchange and various file system backups;
  • Edge data & software installation;
  • executing workflow runbooks (for example: end-user incident management);
  • virtual machine management;

In this blogpost, I would like to touch the “on-demand & historical reporting”. By default, the webconsole is filled up with some default reports which can be executed on the CommServe Databases.

The reporting framework is not restricted to the CommVault databases only. In the configuration section of the webconsole, you can easily define external data sources. The supported “remote databases” are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Oracle;
  • MySQL.

Basically this functionality allows reporting on custom-applications, databases filled-up with scripts and 3rd party applications. For example reporting on a remote Symantec Backup Exec server.


The nice thing about this new approach is the ability to build your own custom reports based on some SQL queries. A good understanding of Transact-SQL and database engines is a must-have.

Once your report has been created, other administrators can use them within the same CommCell environment. And if you want to share it, you can always upload it to the CommVault Cloud community. This will make your report available for other companies and CommVault administrators.

Let’s show you how you can import a report template which has been made available by other users on the commvault cloud community. First of all, let’s start with logging onto and download some templates in the Download Center. The report templates are categorized as add-ons and are share amongst other things (such as workflows).

Once you downloaded the template, logon onto your CommVault Simpana webconsole. Normally it should be running on your CommServe if you did not changed it. After logging in, click on “reports“.


A list of already available reports is displayed. On the top of the page (next to the settings button), you have the ability to import your template. Click on the button indicated with the orange box in the screenshot.


A browse dialog opened, navigate to the “xml file” you downloaded from the CommVault cloud website and click on “Open“.


An import process is being initiated. The screen displaying the various reports will not be refreshed automatically. So don’t worry if you don’t see the report in the list once the import process has been completed. Once the report is imported, refresh the page and navigate to the “untagged” section.

Congratulations, you successfully imported your first report template.

An example “backup job summary report” has been executed and provided below. The use of the graphical representation, makes it also interesting to be used in Backup Status Reporting e-mails.


Thanks for reading!


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