Removing “stale” hosts on an EMC Clariion CX4-120

I encountered on a CX4-120 storage array the situation whereby some “stale” hosts were unable to be deleted. I tried using the console, but it’s in my opinion unstructured and difficult to use.

During troubleshooting I found out the “Engineering mode” password is “messner” (without the quotes). This mode can be accessed by opening the Navi GUI (Enterprise Storage) and pressing ctrl+shift+F12. This mode allows some additional functionalities.

The purposes of my my actions was to re-initialize the array (clear the configuration and startover). I used the navisecCLI to assist me in this matter.

We had 3 hosts which were stuburn and we did not get removed from the console. In first case we executed the command: naviseccli -h port -removeHBA -all. Please note we do not pass any username and password in this command. This is because we opted to create a password file to ease the operations.

During the execution we were able to delete 2 of the 3 hosts in the console. The 3rd one gave us the error “only logged out but registered initiator records will be removed”. Eventually I noticed the ports were still logged in. The zoning configuration still exist and the particular server still had access to the storage box. After removing the configuration and executing the naviseccli -h port -removeHBA -all again, the server was successfully removed.

NavisecCLI possible commands are:
C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC\Navisphere CLI>naviseccli -h
Possible commands are:
metalun migrate connection isns Domain
Security spcollect arrayconfig EventMonitor ntp
modepassthru networkadmin server nqm mirror
clone sancopy analyzer
alpa arraycommpath arrayname backendbus baseuuid
bind cachecard classiccli chglun chgrg
clearlog clearstats convertemlog createrg copytohotspare
emconfiguration failovermode faults firmware flashleds
flash getagent getall getarrayuid getcache
getconfig getcontrol getcrus getdisk getlog
getloop getlun getresume getrg getsniffer
getsp getsptime getunusedluns initializearray inserttestevent
ioportconfig luncache managedby managefiles mirrorview
ndu port powersaving rebootpeersp rebootSP
remoteconfig removerg resetandhold responsetest SC_OFF
setcache setfeature setloop setraid5 setsniffer
setspstime setsptime setstats shutdown shutdownSP
shutdownpeerSP storagegroup systemtype spportspeed trespass
unbind unitserialnumber storagepool thin thinlun
reserved snapview

Interesting commands are:
arrayconfig -capture
port -list
server -register

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