Change the default sender address in HP Insight Remote Support

HP Insight Remote Support can be used for automatic call creation and monitoring a wide-range of different components. When I install the software, it’s mainly for monitoring Storage Components (such as: HP P6000, SAN Switches, Management Servers, etc.).

The procedure below has been validated on HP Insight Remote Support 7.0.5 (build 0193).

In some situations, you want to control the sender name used to send messages. The procedure below describes how you can alter the sender e-mail address.

The default e-mails are send by using the following sender mail address:

  1. On the management server, navigate to the following location: “C:\ProgramData\HP\RS\CONFIG\”
  2. Edit the XML-file “hprs.xml” with a text-editor and search for the keyword: “<entry key=”integration.adapters.emailadapter.from”>”;
  3. Alter the mail address between the tags to the sendername you prefer. In my case I altered it to: “”.
  4. Open services.msc and look for the “HP Insight Remote Support”-service and restart it.
  5. Retry the test by navigating to “Administrator Settings > Integration Adapters > Mail Adapter”. Check the box next to “Send test email to default…” and click on “SAVE ADAPTER SETTINGS”.


—–Original Message—–

From: []
Sent: thursday 17 October 2013 12:09
To: <recepients>
Subject: IRS Test Email

Dear Customer,

Subject: IRS Test Email
Message Type: Test
Severity: Normal

This is a test email to verify the email settings in IRS are correct”

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