Start Enterprise Vault Services when there is no free disk space.

You’ll notice that Enterprise Vault halts all Enterprise Vault services when there is no free disk space. Starting them again will result an automatic stop again.

In the eventlog, you will notice the following events to be reported:
Insufficient diskspace is available on drive V: for the Enterprise Vault to run
Enterprise Vault will now be shut down; to correct this problem, delete any unwanted files and restart Enterprise Vault

You need to tell Enterprise Vault not to monitor the local disks before starting them again. This can be performed by following the following procedure:

  1. Open services.msc
  2. Stop the Enterprise Vault admin service. Stopping this service will halt all EV services!
  3. In the properties on the General tab fill in the startup parameters as needed. A list of parameters can be found in this article.
  4. Start the Enterprise Vault services again.

Start-up parameters:

  • Monitor only disks C & F: /DISKS=CF, if you want this to be default behaviour add /SAVE to use this option each time the services are started.
  • Monitor all disks: /disks.
  • To disable monitoring of memory and all local disk space resources: /NOMONITOR. Add /SAVE to use this option each time the services are started.
  • To enable monitoring again of memory and local disk space resources: /MONITOR. This can also be combined with the /SAVE switch.

Another alternative is to use the registry to disable monitoring. Create a DWORD key named NoMonitor with the value 1 in the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\AdminService. Afterwards restart the Enterprise Vault Admin Service.

More information can be found here.

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