CommVault: Failed to start CreateIndex on MediaAgent

Recently I encountered a SQL cluster throwing this error: “Error Code: [14:96] Description: Failed to start CreateIndex on MediaAgent [MediaAgentFQDN*MediaAgent*8400*8402]. Please check the following: network connectivity between client and MediaAgent, MediaAgent’s name can be resolved, and this product’s services are running on the MediaAgent.”

Network connectivity is as it should! When we try a CVping (network connectivity test utility which can be found in the base folder) on the CommServe and the failing MediaAgent the connectivity test gives us the expected result: SUCCESSFUL.

When we take a closer look at the log on the client, we noticed the notification: “3084 9d28 04/25 11:10:46 ### CCVDSpaceCheck::CheckDirectorySpace() – WARNING: C:\Program Files\CommVault\Simpana\IndexCache does not have required minimum space of 11059 MB (30 percent)”.

In order to resolve the issue we executed the following steps:

  1. First we moved the IndexCache to a drive with sufficient free space (procedure)
  2. Restarted the CommVault services on the client and restarted the incremental backup job without success
  3. Updated the CommVault agent software to the latest version and restarted a full backup. This resulted in a positive result.

Why did we ran a new full backup and not an incremental? The main reason is explained in the guide “CommVault – Implementation & Maintenance”. In this guide I found the following explanation: “An Index Cache maintains detailed indexing information for all objects being protected. Multiple index caches can be used for more efficient index scaling and to keep index files in close proximity to the MediaAgents. Index data is maintained in the cache based on retention settings of days or disk usage percentage. Each subclient will have its own index file and new index files are generated by default during a full data protection operation. Index files are copied to media automatically at the end of each job.”

So next time I would say.. try to create a full backup first before updating the software. This to make sure the issue is not related to the binaries.

I encountered this issue with CommVault 9 Service Pack 14. The client was still installed with binaries of Service Pack 5.

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