Secure your Synology NAS with Two Factor Authentication

At home I use a Synology NAS to store all my pictures and documents in a central location. The added value for having a NAS is the ease to access it from everywhere as long as you have an internet connection without ‘the need’ to put everything in public cloud or have it synchronized on all your devices.

I access my NAS by using an HTTPS connection combined with a DynDNS provider. As the web page is open to the internet, I want to protect my NAS by using a more secure approach. This blog article gives you some guidance in configuring Two Factor Authentication on your Synology device.

The configuration has been performed on DSM version DSM 5.1-5021.

Open the DiskStation Manager, logon with the account you want to enable with two factor authentication. Once logged on, click on the account symbol and check the box next to “Enable 2-step verification“.

Synology Two Factor Authentication

Once checked, a wizard appears. Click “Next” on the startup screen and scan the QR code with your Google Authenticator application installed on your smartphone. Once scanned and the account has been added in the application, click “Next“.

Synology Two Factor Authentication - 2

In the next step, the wizard will request you to fill in a OneTime Password to complete the new authentication process. In another step, it’s advised to fill in an e-mail address to be used to send used to send an emergency verification code in case you lost your phone and also your OTP generator.

You successfully configured your NAS device to request an additional password before gaining access to the DiskStation Manager. Please note, the use of two factor authentication can affect any additional mobile apps (for example: DS cloud, DS finder, …) you are using. In case these are causing troubles, try updating them prior to start the authentication process again.

Synology Two Factor Authentication - 4

Happy securing!

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