CommVault Simpana retain mediasets with extended retention

So, everybody knows CommVault Simpana is a suite with a wide-spread of features and I’m appreciating the suite everyday a bit more…The thing is, the software is written for enterprise environments providing the highest level of flexibility and the approach is a bit different than other backupproducts.

Today, I had to implement an extended retention on a particular set of backupjobs. In normal cases, you look to the jobs and define which tape have been used to store the backupdata. CommVault Simpana has an entirely different approach and to be honest I had to search a bit to find how you need to do it. I tried to look it up on the world wide web and I was a bit astonished of the number of hits explaining how it needs to be done, so I had the idea to write something about it. I have to admit I was using the wrong keywords such as “extend retention” and “retain media”. Once I found the correct terminology, I quickly found this link on CommVault Simpana Documentation. Here there are some references in the “Retain a job in the copy”-section, explaining how it needs to be done.

If you want the procedure with some screenshots, please read on…┬áThis procedure is written by using a CommVault Simpana 9 Service Pack 14 environment, but there should be no change when doing it on CommVault Simpana 10.

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