How to delete a HP Data Protector StoreOnce Software Deduplication store

In one of my earlier blogposts, I mentioned what you could do when you are confronted with a “corrupted” HP Data Protector software StoreOnce store. Today, we decided to delete the deduplication store to free up the diskspace.

Before a “HP Data Protector StoreOnce Software Deduplication Store” can be deleted, the media retained within needs to be exported. Please note, deleting the store in DataProtector does not mean the Store is deleted in StoreOnceSoftware.

The deletion required a set of steps to be executed. The plan of approach we followed, can be found below.

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Recovering a corrupted HP Data Protector software StoreOnce store

In one of the remote sites, the customer is running an HP Data Protector 9.02 environment in combination with a software-based HP Data Protector StoreOnce deduplication store based on a Windows Server 2012.

Unfortunately during the initial installation, the consultant did not implement any anti-virus exclusions causing the software deduplication store to get corrupted last week. Files which got deleted were from the type: “$StoreRoot\**\containerData_*\*.js“.

Magically we were still able to bring the store back online in read-only mode and restore data from it! Thumbs up!

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