Disable Single Sign-On in CommVault Simpana

I have two CommCells which are accessed by about 20 persons. For the ease of access I activated Single SignOn within the configuration. The Single SignOn can be activated in the CommVault Simpana Administration Console in the section “Security” (“CommCell > Security > Name Servers > Domain > Properties”). Check or uncheck the box to activa/deactivate Single SignOn.


In my case, I sometimes logon with a different user account to do some access tests in relation to building a multi-tenant solution. And.. sometimes I’m just not quick enough to click on the cancel button :-) .

So eventually I found out you can deactivate SSO from within the shortcut link which can be found in the start menu! Go to the properties of the Simpana Administrative Console and in the target box add “-sso=disabled” as an extra switch. For example: “C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe ¬†-jar cv.jar CommServe.domain.local¬†8401 -oemid=1 -sso=disabled“.


Thanks for reading!

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