HP Data Protector: “Cannot connect to the SCM (Service Control Manager) on client: [5] Access Denied

I encountered the following error notification when adding a new client (the first one) to a freshly installed HP Data Protector Cell: “[Critical] [110:1022] Cannot connect to the SCM (Service Control Manager) on client RRE-AD01.testlab.local: [5] Access Denied“.

At first I thought the Data Protector Cell Manager was unable to connect to the client. Eventually I disabled the firewall on both machines, ensured the network connectivity between both systems could be properly established and if the user credentials are correct. Everything matched as expected!

Long story short, the issue originates from the Data Protector configuration. I got it resolved and was able to successfully deploy the HP Data Protector agent once I executed the following steps on the Data Protector Cell Manager:

  1. Execute the following command to list the configured accounts for the HP Data Protector INET service: “omniinetpasswd -list“;
  2. Remove all the user accounts by executing the following account: “omniinetpasswd -clean“;
  3. Configure an user account for the INET service: “omniinetpasswd -add TEST\sa_hpddp“;
  4. And now assign it to the installation server as well: “omniinetpasswd -inst_srv_user TEST\sa_hpdp“.

Thanks for reading!

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