Redirecting the CommVault webconsole URL’s (version 10)

A set of different web consoles have been introduced as of CommVault Simpana v10. Every console has it’s specific purpose. In general we can say the console based on Microsoft Internet Information Services (number 1 in the list below) is restricted to administrators for daily management of the CommCell.

CommVault provides the following web pages:

  1. CommVault Simpana Administration Console: http://commserve:81/console
  2. Regular webconsole: http://webserver/webconsole/
  3. Compliance search: http://webserver/compliancesearch/
  4. Search admin: http://webserver/searchadmin/
  5. Lucene admin: http://searchnode:27000

The other consoles (numbers 2 to 5) are based on Apache TomCat. These on the other hand can be accessed by end users for various actions. They provide end user backup and restore, management of edge data, end user searches, custodian searches and legal compliancy management. Additionally these consoles (number 2) provide the administrators an extended set of tools to ease daily management and reporting (web-reporting, download packages and virtual machine management).

By default the consoles (2 to 5) are defined in a separate virtual directory (/webconsole/ for example). The default (/) still shows you the standard Apache TomCat welcome screen. As these webpages are used by your end users, you probably don’t want to confuse them with this unnecessary page.

In my setup, I created a floating DNS name called “http://compliancesearch/” and I want them to reach the “/compliancesearch/” virtual directory without the need to browse to “http://compliancesearch/compliancesearch/”.

First of all, I looked into the configuration files to change the virtual directories, but I was not sure what the impact on the software and the way it works could be. Eventually I decided to do it a bit easier…

Let’s logon to the server installed with the CommVault Simpana web server components and browse to the installation directory (for example: “D:\Program Files\CommVault\Simpana\Apache\webapps\ROOT\”) and rename the file “index.html” to “oldindex.html”.

Now create an empty “index.html” with the following content:
<title>Page Redirection</title>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://compliancesearch/compliancesearch/" />
<p>Page redirection to: <a href="http://compliancesearch/">Compliance Search</a></p>

Save the file and give it a try!

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