Data Protector report the following error message when executing a barcode scan: “Bad catalog access for message #193 in set 65″

Today we received the following error message in the┬áData Protector GUI when we performed a barcode scan on a physical tape library: “Bad catalog access for message #193 in set 65“. Yesterday I found some Data Protector foreign tapes which we tried to format, logically we thought these were the root cause of this error message. After exporting them out of the library, we noticed the error stayed.

Eventually we found out this error was caused by a miscommunication between the Cell Manager and the client which has the HP Data Protector GUI installed. These error messages can appear when there is a discrepancy in the Data Protector versions installed.

In our situation, we had the HP Data Protector Cell Manager running on version 9.04 and we were using a Data Protector Console of version 9.02. After patching the console, the error disappeared and we were able to successfully manage the cell again.

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