Data Protector DPWINBDL_00701 throws an 0x80004005 error

Today I’ve upgraded a Data Protector environment (DP6.20) to the latest available version (DP7.01). Everything went OK until I needed to upgrade the installation server in DMZ. When installing the patch bundle (DPWINBDL_00701) I received the following error:

Unhandled Exception
Error Number: 0x80004005
Description: Unspecified error

Setup will now terminate

The specifications of the server are:

  • Windows 2003 R2 (x64) – please note that 32bit systems are not supported for Installation Servers.
  • Physical memory available: 3.405.672KB.
  • Disk space available on C-drive: 20GB.

It took some hours to figure this one out, but finally I came across a blog suggesting to lower the display resolution. It was worth a try, but in the end it appeared to be a fix. Didn’t see that one coming! What I did to get it to work was:

  • Remote Desktop connection performance increased to LAN 10Mbps
  • Brought the display configuration to small (640 x 480px)

Now the setup continues without any issues and the patch is successfully installed.

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