Abort an unresponsive Data Protector job

Sometimes aborting a job by using the Data Protector Manager Console does not succeed.
In those situation, follow this procedure:

  • Go to the Data Protector Manager console > Monitor > Session-Id and take a not of the start time.
    [Normal] From: BSM@CellManager.lab.local “FILE_DAILY” Time: 5/23/2013 4:15:05 AM
    Backup session 2013/05/23-13 started.
  • Open a PowerShell Window and execute the following command: “get-process b* | sort-object StartTime | format-table Name,Id,StartTime”
    Name Id StartTime
    —- — ———
    bsm 8532 18/05/2013 4:15:07
    bsm 8996 19/05/2013 5:15:05
    bsm 11672 23/05/2013 4:15:05
  • Execute the following command to kill the process: “stop-process 8532“.

Execute the command “omnistat” or “get-process b* | sort-object StartTime | format-table Name,Id,StartTime” to verify the operation. Restart the Data Protector Management console to clear the monitor in the GUI.

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