Configuring the CommVault Simpana Azure Client

We will start with a oneliner: “the cloud will be everything in the nearby future!“.

Enterprises are discovering the cloud and will slowly evolve to a hybrid environment. Many of them already took the first step with Office 365, OneDrive for Business and so on. As they are moving towards services and shared infrastructure, the need for data protection will remain untouched. However according to an EMC study (Reaching Solid Ground by Chris Ratcliffe) executed in December 2014, we notice only 13% of the organizations are confident to protect data stored in various locations. In one of my previous blog posts I mentioned we will see backup silo’s returning again. I strongly believe besides hyperconvergence (Software-Defined DataCenter), we will notice software and/or management console convergence for protecting virtual machines and data in the cloud, as on-premise.

Motivated by the above reasons, I looked into the CommVault Simpana Azure client which is available as of version 10 Service Pack 9 and is currently available as “Early Release“. My findings can be found at the end of this blogpost.
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