A guide to choosing the right backup solution!

One of the articles I wanted to write for some time now is about the decision process of a backup infrastructure replacement. Unfortunately for me and my fellow backup consultants, most of the customers see a backup infrastructure as an enormous hidden cost with no “added-value” and therefore it has a lower priority in the budget lists. On these moments, you need a qualified IT team member or backup consultant to motivate why we need those kind of budgets. Not an easy task if I can say so!

I always tell them… don’t see your backup environment as a cost, but more as an insurance! In the end, aren’t we all paying our fire insurance and hoping we will never need it?!? In the field, I see 2 kind of persons. Persons confronted with data loss and persons who will be confronted with data loss. So it’s about time to raise some awareness!

For security investments you can find various Return On Security Investments (ROSI) calculators on the internet (http://www.rositech.com/ for example). These will help you understand what you are paying is nothing compared to what you can lose after an intrusion, an exploit or virus outbreak. So I’m wondering why did nobody started with a Return on Backup Investments (ROBI) calculator? The financial calculation of these risks are beyond the scope of this article and to be honest I think they need to be addressed by a non-technical guy or squad (represented by the CFO, key business owners, a representative of the IT team and – if needed – an external consultant).

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