Backup, Restore and/or Migrate HP Data Protector’s Internal Database

There are two ways allowing a backup and restore of the Data Protector Internal Database. The procedures described below can also be used for performing migrations. The internal database is located in the DB40 folder within the installation directory.

The first way is relatively easy: create a backup job in the Data Protector Manager Console and select the Internal Database in the selection tree. The downside of this method is the lack of control where the database is stored (on a tape, but which one? on disk, in a bunch of files!) and how fast can it be restored in case of disaster. If you did not implement any fallback mechanisms, a catalog operation will be required! Needless to say it will take some time to complete.

Dumping the data to disk can come in very handy as a safety copy during maintenance operation such as upgrades, patchings, etc.

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