Change the default sender address in HP Insight Remote Support

HP Insight Remote Support can be used for automatic call creation and monitoring a wide-range of different components. When I install the software, it’s mainly for monitoring Storage Components (such as: HP P6000, SAN Switches, Management Servers, etc.).

The procedure below has been validated on HP Insight Remote Support 7.0.5 (build 0193).

In some situations, you want to control the sender name used to send messages. The procedure below describes how you can alter the sender e-mail address.

The default e-mails are send by using the following sender mail address:

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HP Insight Remote Support Advanced – Unable to install service necessary.

This weekend, I encountered the following error: “Unable to install service necessary to manage products that integrate with HP System Insight Manager. This installation may have future problems managing these updates.”
The error was thrown in version 5.80 with the advanced software.


A quick search resulted in this HP Support Document.
Important to note is that in my case, the password did not contain a space, but a semicolon (“;”).

I created a seperate account for the software, tried the installation again and it completed flawlesly.

HP Insight Remote Support – Consulting the Obligation Start and Ending date

HP Insight Remote Support is the software used for call- and incident logging at HP Support. Now with the latest versions it’s also used to check the contracts and warranties of servers and storage boxes as a part of the pro-active care services.

A yearly update is required. By using the link below, you can consult the Obligation Start and Ending Date:


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