How to upgrade the CommVault software on a CommServe DR

CommVault allows the installation of a CommVault Simpana Disaster Recovery CommServe to ensure the operations can be easily resumed after losing the active CommServe due to system outage or site-loss.

In this particular setup, we are using a protection mechanism on three different levels:

  • Microsoft SQL Database mirroring has been configured to allow a near-zero replication to reduce configuration data loss when an issue occurs;
  • CommVault Simpana Disaster Recovery Storage Policy which is dumping the database to a network location every 6 hours;
  • CommVault Simpana Disaster Recovery Storage Policy which copies the database dump to a tape every 6 hours.

The interactive GUI-based installer requires the databases to be available in read/write modus and the services to be able to be started.┬áThe specific configuration on the CommServe DR doesn’t allow a service restart (DB is unavailable), nor the DB upgrade (DB is in mirroring modus). Hence, the installation will be unsuccessful. Continue reading