Configuring SNMP traps on Brocade SAN switches

SAN switches are the core components in your Storage Area Network. Therefore it’s important to monitor the devices correctly to ensure the operational continuity of your storage infrastructure.

The first approach is by implementing Brocade Network Advisor (BNA). BNA is a tool used to manage, monitor and report (performance -, throughput visualization and many more) on fiber channel SAN switches and comes with a cost (platform hosting the software + software licenses/support). Brocade Network Advisor can be integrated with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager with a Management Pack (plugin).

A different approach is by monitoring the devices with plain SNMP traps. This blogpost will guide you through the configuration process of SNMP on Brocade SAN switches. We will be using Microsoft System Center Orchestrator to collect the information in the SNMP traps and push it into a incident management tool. The use of Microsoft System Center is not mandatory, a Nagios could do the trick as well. Continue reading